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June 26, 2019

My HealtheVet began its migration planning in late September 2018.  The contract award was initially planned for completion in 18 months.  In January 2019 VA leadership reduced the timeline for the migration to June 27, 2019. As if the hill wasn’t steep enough, in mid-April, 2019, the timeline was again shortened by essentially another month.
Blue Guardian IT Services, led by Barry Egbert, was a large contributor to the successful and on time migration.  Barry helped plan, architect, and oversee the migration of My HealtheVet application in production and the supporting lower environments the new VAEC at AWS.
As to confirmation of successful planning, execution and follow-through by the entire MHV team, “cut over” from IBM to AWS occurred on 18 May with only 2 technical issues identified and quickly resolved after the migration. IBM/Terremark production operations were officially discontinued May 30 – 1 day ahead of schedule!